Creating a
Technological University
for Dublin

In 2011, the Hunt Report proposed the introduction of Technological Universities as part of the Higher Education eco-system in Ireland.  In response, DIT, IT Blanchardstown (ITB) and IT Tallaght (ITT) created the TU for Dublin Alliance and committed to jointly establishing a Technological University for Dublin. 

The Presidents’ Group of the Alliance is made up of Professor Brian Norton (DIT), Dr Diarmuid O’Callaghan (ITB) and Mr Thomas Stone (ITT).

The TU4Dublin Programme Leader is Dr Mary Meaney (seconded from her post as President of ITB).  In addtion to Dr Mary Meaney, the Programne Team comprises:

Yvonne Cooke, Project Facilitator 
Louise Dowling, Project Facilitator
Olivia Edge, Project Facilitator 
Jennifer Farrell, Project Facilitator 
Aideen Gurrin, Project Facilitator
Dr David Irwin, Project Facilitator 
Joanne Lumley, Project Facilitator 
Pat O'Donnell, Project Facilitator 

In addition there is a Communications Team comprising Emer O'Kelly (TU4Dublin), Melda Slattery (DIT), Mairead Murphy (ITB) and Adrian Payne (ITT).

Building on our respective histories and distinctive strengths, the objective is to combine our ideas and resources to create an incomparable institution of higher learning for the Greater Dublin Region, offering wide-ranging opportunities to learners and collaborating with civic, academic and industry partners. 

The Technological University will be developed on three campuses at Grangegorman, Blanchardstown and Tallaght.

If you want to let us know what you think, give some feedback or share your thoughts, email us at:

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