Enterprise & Engagement

DIT, IT Blanchardstown and IT Tallaght have common strengths in engaging with partners in their communities and with business and enterprise in Ireland and internationally. 

Work undertaken to date has drawn together these institutional strengths and commitment to enterprise and engagement. This work has explored how the nature, rationale, extent and centrality of a culture of engagement and enterprise can infuse the work of the new Technological University as it connect with its partners regionally, nationally and internationally.

Benefits arising from engagement are many and varied. The involvement of industry, commerce, technology, and creative arts in curriculum design ensures that students are exposed to innovation and best practices that stand alongside the graduated learning they receive on their chosen programme of study.  

Collaboration also presents further opportunities through introducing internship for both students and staff to extend their learning experience into new domains that support the teaching and learning ordinarily delivered in the more formal environment of the Technological University.  

Entrepreneurship is already encouraged in programmes across the three institutions but the aspiration for the Technological University is to embed an entrepreneurial culture throughout the organisation – in our teaching, in career development for members of staff, and in diversifying our revenue-generation. 

It will be part of what defines the approach of the new Technological University in our administration and it will be reflected in our agility and ability to innovate and respond to challenges.

As Ireland is a small country and economy, it is of particular significance for our graduates that they are prepared to work and interact with other cultures and customs. 

It is equally important for them that their University can do the same, and that the new Technological University builds an international recognition and reputation with academic and industry partners as we prepare our students to become true global citizens. 

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Enterprise & Engagement
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