Preparing for Change

The Technological University provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to change the way we do some things now as a result of our history to a way that better reflects the demands and customs of the twenty first century and, in doing so, to design the workplace and the university of the future. 

To date, the concentration has been in three areas: Governance; Academic; and Organisation Design.

A number of working groups specifically convened to address these areas. The purpose of the respective groups was to propose structures and processes to enable the TU to become a unitary organisation and to facilitate the transformation and culture change to support progression to a Technological University. 

The creation of the TU presents significant challenges in order to address designation requirements to support effective and efficient governance and administration. In order to deliver appropriate systems and governance, there has been an acceptance by management that in order to establish the TU, it would require a considered approach to make appropriate organisational changes in order to adopt appropriate organisational structures

Work commenced early in 2014 to design the process of organisational transformation. Having approved a process in November 2014, work then commenced in the following four domains: academic schools; academic colleges; student-related services; and TU services. This same process was followed by each domain, namely, structures, processes, systems and role.

Symposium on Mergers in Higher Education (Ireland & Denmark) 2016

Preparing for Change
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