A. Following the publication of the National Strategy for Higher Education in 2011, a framework for reform within the Irish Higher Educational landscape was established.  Included in this framework is a new type of University for Ireland – a Technological University.  In response DIT, ITB and ITT created the Technological University for Dublin Alliance committed to establishing the kind of institution that we believe can have a significant impact, creating new impetus for our practice-led education at all levels from Apprenticeship to PhD and equipping graduates to build exciting and fulfilling careers. 

A.   Technological Universities are an established feature in many international education systems, particularly in Europe, Australia and Canada. Whilst they may vary in their chara cteristics, they generally share a focus on the preparation of students for the world of work with a particular focus on the role of technology in all its aspects.

A. The Technological Universities Act 2018 was signed into law on 21 March 2018.  On 30 April 2018 the Alliance partners submitted a formal application to the Higher Education Authority (HEA) for assessment against the criteria that have been established for technological university designation. The HEA will invite an international panel to visit Dublin to evaluate this application.  Following their deliberations and recommendation, the Minister for Education & Skills will make the final decision on designation. We will continue to keep students and staff notified of progress.  

For further information check out our Project Timeline.

A. The name of the new University has not yet been chosen – ‘TU4Dublin’ is just the working title for the project. If successfully designated, the selection of the real name will come out of a detailed process that began late in 2017 where current students, staff and members of the Governing Bodies were invited to participate in the naming of the new University.  Over 750 suggestions were received and these suggestions are now being reviewed and market-tested before moving to the next stage in the process.

A. The creation of the new University is dependent on successful designation as a Technological University and therefore current applications should be made to DIT, ITB and ITT as appropriate until formal designation.

A. If sucessfully designated, the new University will have three campus at Grangegorman, Blanchardstown and Tallaght.  

At the same time, students from DIT will be moving to the new campus at Grangegorman with programmes currently operating at Cathal Brugha Street, Kevin Street and part of the Rathmines Campus transferring to Grangegorman in 2020.

A. Arrangements are in place to allow students of DIT, ITB and ITT have access to all library services. We are currently working towards students having access to all facilities across the three campus if successfully designated.

A. You will receive your award from the Institution in which you are studying.  However, if successfully designated before you graduate from your course of study your qualification will be awarded by the new University.

If you are sitting final exams in summer 2018 you will receive your award from the Institute in which you are currently studying. This award will be approved by that Institution’s Academic Council.  If you are sitting final repeat exams in autumn 2018, we expect that the existing Academic Councils will also approve these awards.  If successfully designated we expect the first graduates of the new University to be conferred with their awards in 2019.

A. If sucessfully designated, the new University will clearly state that it is the legal entity replacing the former Institutes i.e. DIT, ITB, and ITT. Parchments will not be re-issued. However it is not uncommon for higher education institutions to merge and/or change names so employers and HR professionals are used to dealing with parchments from institutions with updated names.

A. If sucessfully designated, the new University will agree a suitable wording for graduates of the three institutes to use on their CVs and professional profiles to ensure that their degree and its authenticity is clearly demonstrated. 

A. If successfully designated, as a Public Body the new University will comply with the requirements of the Official Languages Act 2003. The aim of the Act is to promote the use of Irish in public affairs and to ensure the use of Irish by Public Bodies when communicating with the public and/or providing services to the public.

A. If you have any additional questions please email us at hello@tu4dublin.ie.

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